Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bye Bye Garage

Ahh!  It has been so long coming, but last week the demolition team showed up and has done some major destruction.  Which I call progress!

In the back garden, we has some self-planting sycamore trees that needed to go before they got too big.  Plus some apple trees that no longer bear fruit.  And loads of tree trunks left from the first garden clear-our.  (We left the trunks, knowing we'd have a digger in for the extension.)  The back garden in a muddy mess, but the trees and trunks are gone!

Also, the garage is gone.  The asbestos roof was the first to go, then the walls and finally the foundation.  It has been tons and tons of rubble.

The garage had some serious levels of cement and brick.  But no more.

The garden looked like this at 9 AM.

And this by 1 PM!

We've started the groundworks in the middle of winter.  And a Scottish winter at that, with all the glorious rain!  If the build were done in normal/less-wet conditions, it would likely take eight weeks.  But since we're super clever and started the work in the middle of the cold and wet, we're hoping to be done in five months!  We got a pretty good price for starting the work now, and it's not like we'd be using the back garden much in the winter anyway.

Just in case you like videos, here's a little update: