Monday, April 18, 2011

Recycling Center

We had a shelving space at the end of our kitchen counter that felt like wasted space.  Do you see the shelves on the left next to the sink in the photo below? 

The shelves came out and Niall and I decided that's where the garbage should go.  But I wanted the garbage out of sight and out of reach of a very curious little girl. 

I decided to build a unit for our garbage and recycling.  I modified plans from Ana White for a recycling center and used Ron Hazleton's video on building a slide out trash bin for additional guidance.  I carefully drew up plans and had MDF cut at the lumber yard so the cuts would be straight.  However, my plans weren't spot on at the project was difficult.  One of the handymen helped me with this (or more like I helped him as he did the bulk of the work) and he told me it was a headache! What made it difficult was the slide out drawers with the tops cut for the plastic garbage liners.  Can you tell there's a plastic garbage can in there?

We painted it to match the kitchen cupboards and added the oak handles. Now it's finished and I never knew I could be so pleased with garbage.

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