Friday, July 1, 2011

The List

There were so many things on the house that needed work that it was weighing me down. Niall says "slowly, slowly catch a monkey" so I made a list and we're very gradually working our way through. It hangs on the fridge and I love when I finish something and can cross it off. We're currently at 88 items (I keep adding things.)

Just to make myself feel better, here are some of the completed items.

1. Paint recycling center
2. Add recycling center handles

3. Add pantry handles (Hanging on the fridge is The List in shorter form, with fewer items crossed off.)

4.  Put paint away

10.  Find a storage piece for back room alcove.  (We found a lovely wooden bookcase in Pontypridd at a charity shop.  They delivered it, I just had to clean and oil it.)
11.  Clean and oil the mantle
12.  Ventilation for back room chimney

13.  Move brown sofa downstairs
14.  Fix handles for the cabinets in kitchen
15.  Fix drawer front under sink (These got lost in the move.  A nice lady from freecycle gave me an extra pair she had and I painted them to fill the void.)

19.  Put doorknobs on downstairs doors
20.  Edge and paint hallway
21.  Move the microwave (sounds easy, but it meant we had to organize the whole kitchen!)
22.  Hang utensil holder in kitchen (bless Ikea for clearing up counter space!)
23.  Organize cupboards in kitchen

26.  Remove carpet from the stairs
27.  Prep stairs
28.  Paint stairs

29.  Paint front hall cupboards

30.  Find shoe storage  (This ended up being so much easier than I thought.  I thought I'd have to make this, but Costco had a shoe storage system for 20 pounds.)
31.  Put shoe storage under stairs  (The best part is that Niall uses it!)

32.  Hang pictures in back room
33.  Hang pictures in front room
34.  Hang pictures in bedrooms (It took me about three months to get around to hanging this last picture.)

37.  Move wardrobe into baby's room
38.  Move wardroom into guest room

40.  Tidy paint edging on stairs
41.  Clean paint off the wood floors upstairs (that's the problem with sanding the floors and then painting the walls!)
46.  Organize the baby's clothes (Sounds easy?  I felt like it was a major accomplishment!)

47.  Tidy back bedroom
48.  Find storage for the linens
49.  Build a shelf for the airing cupboard

50.  Paint door frame in bathroom
51.  Touch up paint in upstairs hallway

52.  Sand and stain banister to loft
53.  Paint stairs to loft
54.  Get additional banister in loft room

55.  Clean the eaves in the loft
56.  Clean storage items
57.  Wrap storage items
58.  Put storage items in eaves

59.  Cost flooring for loft  (ended up being too much, move to Plan B which is paint the loft floor)
77.  Prep loft floor
78.  Paint loft floor
60.  Paint loft
61.  Get trim/baseboards for loft
62.  Get bookcases for loft
73.  Make bookcases for loft (since "getting" ended up meaning buying wood)
62.  Unpack books
76.  Tidy loft

65.  Clean piano (a friend gave us her old one.  It had been in a garage for a while and needed some  attention)
67.  Buy hooks
68.  Hang hooks on back of doors upstairs (the towels have to go somewhere)

72.  Hang mirror in wardrobe (It has been leaning against walls in our various apartments for the past four years.  Time it got a permanent home!)

There.  Just to make me feel better and avoid working on the still pending items on The List!

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