Thursday, October 18, 2012

House Hunt-Three Offers

Since June we have been madly hunting for a house.  The Cardiff house closed (meaning it officially sold, we handed over the keys and the buyers wired our solicitor the money) on June 27th.  We moved to Glasgow on June 26th and have been watching the property market with two sets of very keen eyes ever since.

So far, no luck.  We have viewed 30+ properties and put in offers on three.  Buying a house in Scotland is a different game than in Wales.  In order to put in an offer, we have to call our solicitor (lawyer) and have them put it in for us.  We don't get charged for each offer we put in, but pay a fixed fee once we can actually buy a house.

Sometimes, if there is a lot of demand for a house or to try to drive up the price, the estate agents set a closing date.  Basically, we get a deadline where the solicitor puts in our best offer and then the vendor makes a choice. The first one was a house in Kelvindale, which we offered the very top amount we could, but still were the lowest of five offers on the closing date.  It was move-in ready, beautifully renovated and just lovely.  I try to not be remorseful and tell myself it was three bedrooms (one was rather small, per usual) and the bathroom was a bit odd because of the roofline.  But, honestly, it was just nice.

courtesy of Rettie

On the second house, we were one of two offers at the closing date.  We didn't get chosen, but when I called the vendor's solicitor to find out why, they would only tell me there wasn't really any difference between our offer and the one that got chosen.  We weren't in love with the house, but it seemed good enough.  It also had three bedrooms, with a bathroom and a WC (half bath) downstairs.   It needed a lot of work.

 courtesy of googlemaps

The third house was on at a fixed price.  That means that whoever offers the asking price first gets it.  We watch the property websites very closely, so saw this pretty much within an hour of it going live.  We got the soonest viewing we could.  We saw the property at 6 PM one evening and called the agent the next morning as soon they opened (9 AM), saying we wanted the house.  They said we had to get our solicitor to make the offer.  I called and couldn't get our solicitor.   Then I texted, emailed, phoned the solicitor's cell (mobile) and called a few more times.  Our offer went in around 11 AM.  And guess what?  In between 9 AM and 11 AM someone else put in an offer and got the house instead.  It was another three bed, with one bathroom and one half bath (WC).  I didn't love it but liked it okay and we decided it could work for our family.  It was move-in ready.  I didn't feel bad about not getting it.

courtesy of rightmove

And, that's where we stand right now.  0 for 3 on offers, but still looking and hopeful!

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