Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painted Stairs-Loft

When we converted the loft we had a joiner custom make stairs for the space.  They were expensive, and we didn't have money left in the budget for carpet.  And guess what?  The banister is wood so we could sand and finish it.  But the risers and treads are made of MDF, so we decided to paint the stairs.

The new staircase started out looking like this.

The carpenter put in the spindles and banister.  I was so excited to get a staircase I didn't clarify the details on the price with the builder.  It would have been nice to have a fancy dowel post, but the carpenter finished off the plain post nicely.  The stairs have looked like this for the past two months.

The carpenter put in a banister upstairs, but we were short one spindle.  The carpenter showed me how to put it in and finish the railing.  I had to do some searching around town and finally found one that matched.

I put it in, sanded and then sealed the pine banister with Osmo Clear Polyx Oil.  Then I prepped and painted the risers.  And then we prepped and painted the treads.

Once the paint dried we took off the tape and I touched up some parts with a little tiny paint brush.  Here's how the loft stairs look now.

The rail at the top has all the spindles. 

Painting the stairs was one of the last big projects on the immediate "to do" list.  It feels good to finally have them done!

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