Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toy Chest

We helped some friends with a house clearance (I love getting rid of things) and they let us have this sweet ottoman.  I loved the paper inside, but it was water damaged.

I took off the lid, removed the fabric/stuffing and hardware and repainted the wicker (or rattan, if you prefer) with white spray paint (sorry environment.)

The original foam stuffing had deteriorated to dust.  I wanted a really comfortable, plush top so I used long pillows for the stuffing.  And then used fabric from Alexander Henry.  (It's a Hoot in Blue from Suppose)  I love the fabric.  Though he probably wouldn't publicize it, I think Niall likes it too.  When we visited Suppose last year he said we had to get it and make something out of it.  It's also the color palate we used to paint the house.  I took some of the fabric every time we were picking out paint colors.  Niall could pick a color but the hue/tint had to match the owls!

I boiled the hardware to remove the old paint, and then put it back on the ottoman and attached the lid.  We filled it with Margaret's toys and the job's done!

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