Thursday, August 11, 2011

The List: Medicine Cabinet

I've wanted a mirror/storage for the bathroom for AGES but everything I liked was too expensive.   After a very non-narcistic house guest mentioned there wasn't a mirror in the bathroom we decided we had to do something.  We bought this beauty from ebay for a grand total of 99 pence.  (That's about $1.64 at the current exchange rate.)  Do you see a little head in the reflection?

I took the cabinet apart, taped off the mirrors (couldn't remove them without damaging the frames), cleaned and sanded the cabinet and put on two coats of primer.  Then three coats of Eco-eggshell finish paint.  (It was not working.)  I finally used three coats of Wickes Cupboard Paint that was left over from the spice storage re-do.   That did the trick.

I was kind of proud of myself for hanging this solo.  Now there's a mirror in the bathroom.

 Complete with storage.

Which, let's face it, we really need.  Grand total?  99 pence.  Not bad.

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