Thursday, August 11, 2011

The List: Under-Stair Storage

We have a great little space under the stairs, but were not using it very well.   The stroller is just something that is going to have to stay.  But at least there's somewhere to kind of tuck it away, a luxury we were missing in our rental property.

First order of business was to get the shoe situation sorted.  The moving box just wasn't cutting it.  Second was to get a replacement wardrobe.  The tall 1950's closet/wardrobe used to be for linens, back when we had a big bathroom.  I really like it, but it wasn't deep enough to hang things properly.

So most of the coats and jackets ended up on the newel post at the foot of the stairs.

We got a shoe storage system from Costco.  It works for us, especially because Niall actually uses it.  If he had to lift or move anything to put his shoes away they'd never make it.  Most of the shoes are upstairs but this is a decent holding place.

Since we didn't have budget for a new wardrobe, I sold the one we had (and a few other things) on ebay.  Goodbye cute little cupboard.  You served us well!

It took weeks of searching, but I finally found a replacement piece that fit our budget.  (After several trips to the British Heart Foundation they eventually let me upstairs to go through all their storage.  I found this piece after scaling several layers deep of furniture.  It was in fantastic condition and I felt like it was a bargain for 40 pounds.)

So pretty and all wood!  And deep enough to hang coats properly.  British Heart Foundation delivered it.   I gave it a good clean and found a newspaper clipping from 1980.    There is a tag inside saying the pieces is from 1960.  I didn't even bother tidying for these pictures.

And guess what?  The newel post stays empty.

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