Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ramsay Loft Ladder and WD40

Since we haven't yet figured out how to put stairs up to the loft, it's only ladder access right now.    We had to replace the old ladder and looked around for a new one.  The local post office has storage in their loft, and I see the guys go up and down when I'm in sometimes.  

I asked them which ladder they use.  The guys lit up and went on and on about their Ramsay Ladder.  The Ramsay ladders are rather pricey, but we decided to go for one of them.  And so regretted the decision.  The ladder stuck and was so difficult to use.  It took a whole process, at least two hands and five minutes to pull it down.  So noisy and such a pain.  We dealt with it for a few weeks and I wondered what we would do.

Then, last week, we were at the post office again and I talked to the guys about whether they'd had any problems with their ladder.  They said we needed WD40.  I'd been meaning to try some and now I'm kicking myself for delaying.  We got a can and Niall sprayed it.

Magic!  The ladder works like a dream.  One handed pull down, smooth pull, easy up and down.

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Ally said...

Hurray for WD40! I went to KMart today and bought a can for Dante's squeaky bike wheels. After I finished, Dante was very upset that the squeak was gone and he demanded I get the squeak back.