Sunday, May 12, 2013

The ground beneath our feet

Since I've not actually posted in this blog (at least not under my name), and I have a bunch of photos on my phone, I decided it was time to contribute.

The garden is more or less done and just needs to bed in now - it's quite a difference from before.

Don't worry, we'll do a before and after post once we move into the house.  But in the meantime, here's a view of the garden with the leftover turf laid on the side.  We're pretty pleased with the results, not least because it will be a nice play area for the girls with their own readymade den/air raid shelter.  You know, just in case.

From outside we move inside to the sanding of the floors.  I'm grateful for a lot of things in life  (as I should be of course), but not having to sand these floors ourselves after the last time certainly ranks up there amongst the things I'm most grateful for.

We got a professional in to do these ones and they're coming up a treat.  Below is the living room floor with the shellac around the edges which is giving the sander some grief but is coming off thankfully.

Starting off 1:

Starting off 2:

Et voila!  Not bad for 90 year old pine I suppose.  It's beginning to look like a home!

And so we move upstairs to the hallway, with a view from the stairs into our bedroom (and capturing three of the four colours of paint upstairs).  You can see where the edging needs done still around the doorways and skirting.  I spent a fair amount of time plucking nails and carpet staples out yesterday to make sure the sander can work quickly.

Our room:

The girls' bedroom (back room)

Margaret calls this her room as it is very similar in colour and placement to her room in Cardiff but bigger, nicely enough:

We were planning on putting Elizabeth in the room but we may not.  I suppose we'll decide on Thursday when we move in.

The upstairs hallway:

And then downstairs to the hallway there:

And finally an alternate view of the hallway downstairs.

The floors are beginning to look nice and not having to do the hard, dirty and dusty work is pretty nice. The professional sander has a 'dustless' sander which is mostly pretty good but of course there is a little dust leftover.  I helped him move it downstairs as it weighs 89kgs.  And it's not evenly dispersed weight either so it's a pain to move.  But at least I don't have to move it again! Thanks Mr Sander guy.

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