Tuesday, June 4, 2013

House Update: We Are In!

We lost a few posts, but I think I found them and have them published again.  We've been busy working away, but I've been bad about taking pictures.

The loft is slowly coming together.  We finally got the shelves in and are slowly unpacking.  (Niall has a lot of books.)  It's kind of the hidden room to stash all the pieces without a home.

It seems like the closer we get to getting the house finished, the messier things get.  I guess it's the crazy before the clam.  Right now we're trying to put the finishing touches on the kitchen island and things look mostly like this-

The upstairs bathroom got the mirror bath panel installed yesterday and I kind of love how it looks.

Some of the furniture we had didn't work for the house.  So, uh, I sold it.  And we don't have a replacement yet.  Currently, we're sitting couchless.

The chaise longue we had in the bay is gone as well.  (We sold it for £100 and the guy who bought it turned around and put it on gumtree for £250.  Cracks me up.  We were just happy to sell it.  The chaise served us well!)  

My mom is in Glasgow visiting from the US.  She has not seen much of Scotland, but has been really doing a lot to help with the kids and the house.  She has been sanding and varnishing all the window surrounds and they look fantastic.

I keep meaning to photograph the bedrooms, but pretty much the only time I have a spare minute is when the kids are sleeping!

We're so happy to be in the house and are loving the neighborhood.  Hopefully the neighbors don't think we're too crazy.  (Hello out there if anyone is reading!)  The other day Niall and I could be seen carrying a chair down the street.  Our neighbor said we could take it from her skip.  We have plans to recover it...someday!  But first we need to get a couch.


niall said...

And if anyone has a copy of the disappeared posts on their RSS readers could you copy and paste them into an email to Mitch or me please?!

L D said...
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L D said...

Loving your bathroom. I see the New York influence there... Your house looks amazing! I will certainly be consulting you Mitch when we finally get round to buying something. :0D Leigh