Thursday, June 13, 2013

Then and Now: Master Bedroom

I love the color purple.  So I guess it was meant to be that the front bedroom would be the one Niall and I use.  This room had the most interesting relics left behind; religious pieces, prayers on the walls, old family photos and a funny little alarm and tea caddy.  We loved the fireplace.

Luckily the bricks behind the plaster were still in really good condition so we were able to hack it back to the exposed brick.

The little alcoves on either side of the chimney breast were recessed.  (Do you love the cane?)

We decided to have built-in wardrobes built.  The size of the room meant that we needed to have decent storage to keep things tidy.  The alcoves are more than a meter wide.  We couldn't find a decent door solution for the size, so the joiners cut some from MDF and then had them machine routered.   (Yet another bonus to using shopfitters.) 

I bought some Komplement pieces from Ikea and chrome rails, and the joiners built the wardrobe specific to my design.  Thanks, guys.  My wardrobe is bespoke for lots of dresses and shoes, and Niall's side has plenty of hanging room for trousers, suits and shirts.  Hello Baby!

When we looked at the house, we were able to pull up the rug in the room and see that the floorboards underneath were in good shape.  I think they sanded up very nicely.

Probably the main feature of the room is the fireplace.

We originally planned to paint the brick (we had seen a house around the corner with a painted brick fireplace in the bedroom) but decided against it when we saw how lovely the natural brick was.  We've brushed it, but haven't sealed it yet.

The purple walls were stripped (it was painted wallpaper.)

I chose to go with a very neutral color in the room.  At first I really disliked it.  Now we find it rather calming.  But, it is the least colorful room in the house.  (If you don't count the bedspread, which we'll interchange with a brown and black one Niall chose.)

I guess we need to hang a few more things on the wall.

I love our mattress.  It's so comfortable.  The other night we got to sleep at a fancy Marriott and Niall said he couldn't wait to get home to our mattress!

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