Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loft Conversion: Week Four

The work actually took a week and three days, but at any count, here's the update.

The stairs (even with the newel post dilemma) were a welcome change from the pull-down loft ladder.  You may notice the bedroom door on the left is missing.  All the doors had to be removed and retrofitted to make them 30-minute fire doors.

The guys taped off and sprayed a good portion of the upstairs white.

The door to the loft went in, just needing the facing, glass and doorknob to be added later.

The skip (full to the brim) was carted away.  Farewell skip!

For the first Saturday in weeks, the guys weren't here working.  Niall took the girls up to see his parents and I spent twelve hours trying to get the house organized.  The back bedroom has been the store-all room.  It was like this:

But by Saturday afternoon had been pretty well cleared out.  The king size bed we've had as a guest bed wouldn't fit up the new loft stairs, so I sold it.

The loft was almost ready to move into, so I took all the junk up.  Making the room look junky.

The en-suite door went in (sans glass) and the carpet was laid all the way out to the landing.

I took the paper off the pine stair treads, did another sand and then we did the first seal.  (Niall did that, but 9 PM I was too tired to do anything more.)

Also, before the scaffolding went down, Niall went up and took this video of the dormer.

And then Captain Supercat manned the scaffolder's truck.

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