Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loft Conversion: Week Two

Messy, cold and probably the low point of the conversion was week two.  But it's done and, uh, dusted.  I kept telling myself if we could just get through week two the rest would be easy sailing.

The dormer got framed.

It was covered and the window opening had ply.  It was such a cold few days, I had new respect for the roofers.  Did attempt to get photos, but it was too much of a faff, really.

With all the debris and dust and an uncapped down pipe, we ran into some unplanned plumbing surprises.  Our (only) bathtub and bathroom sink back-filled with dirty water.  The pipes couldn't handle the pressure, and started leaking through the ceiling, down the wall and into the kitchen.  Fun times.  The immediate solution was to cut the pipe, which relieved the pressure.  It also sent a spray down the side of the house, and left any water from the bathtub, sink or washing machine running down the back of our house, into our garden and over to our neighbors.

Short-term save.  The dirty water drained out onto the back of the house, leaving only dirt.  Basically, it mean no bathing or laundry until the plumber could fix the problem.

The dormer got insulated, the window went in as well as the new reinforced floor.  (It will make up part of the stairway and landing.

With no working bathtub, the baby got a bath in the sink.  And we showered at the gym.  Luckily, at the end of Week Two we left on a (planned and intentional) vacation.  Which meant we got to fly away and enjoy the sunshine in France and bathe in a clean tub while the builders were busy working away.

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