Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loft Conversion: Week Three

Week Three was magical for us.  Because we were off enjoying Disneyland Paris.  And the guys stayed behind and worked full-out on the house.  There were a few nights where they were there until midnight.  The stairs went in, first fix on electrics as well as plastering and painting.

The big drama, which we missed, has to do with the newel post for the new stair.  See how it's nice and bulky?  Unfortunately, it took up too much head height of the stair below.  Which is against building regs.

You can't really tell from this picture, either, but you can see Kenny's head (on the stairs) an that the newel post comes down far too low.
Even with detailed architectural plans, structural engineer drawings and stair expert geometry worked out in CAD, things don't always work as expected.  We missed the (I imagine intense) discussions about how to fix the issue.  Originally it was going to be an expensive, timely and dirty fix.  (Involved moving a doorway/rearranging a wall.)  But the joiners came up with a creative fix, which I'll get into in the next post.

At any rate, when we came home at the end of Week Three (sorry, not a lot of pictures...because we weren't there!) the loft conversion had gone from building site back to almost home.  It was as nice transition.

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