Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big World Map

Our family is scattered around the globe.  We're in Scotland, my family is in the US, Niall's sister's family is in Australia.  My dad and step-mom are globetrotters and the girls just want to know where everyone is.

We wanted to get a big map for their room.  Ikea has a World Map, but it's £100.  I found one in Bargain Corner, but it was £70.  (In case you're wondering, that means too expensive for us.)  I tried lots of other sources, but they were all at least £50.  I thought about painting a map directly on the wall or on a big piece of ply and hanging it.

Instead, when my mom was here, we found a fun world map print fabric when getting material for Anna (from Frozen) costumes.  Maybe I'll post on those later.

The fabric is from Remnant Kings and it was £11 a meter.  A single map is about a meter long.  The width made it funky for an off-the-shelf frame.  To keep costs down I decided to DIY a canvas base.  I bought a length of pine from Jewsons, It was pretty shoddy workmanship, if I do say so myself.  The frame warped a little because I split the wood when I was drilling.   I stretched the fabric and stapled it to the frame. 

I used wire an two eyelet picture loops on the back to hang it.  But it looked kind of pathetic.

Solution?  Brackets that we already had.  The brackets squared up the frame.  A little over the top, but when you've got me as the carpenter you've got to make do.

And now?  The world, above the girls' heads!  

(Like their beds are really ever this tidy, except for when I want to take a photo.)

Fabric:  £11
Frame:  £7
Total:  £18

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