Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wardrobes-Part Two

Well, well.  The wardrobe update is taking longer than expected.  So, after the first bit of furniture switching, we were left with the glorious wardrobe carcasses.

I played around with Ikea's wardrobe planning portal.  And thought maybe something like this would work.

It took almost a week of priming and painting and painting some more.  (I'd read Zinsser 123 oil-based primer did a decent job on laminate.  Here's hoping.)  

Ah.   And the doors have been hung.

They don't sit level.  We'll fix that.  In time.

And now, it is the wait game.  I'm trying to patiently wait out the joiners to find a free time in their schedule to frame in the wardrobes to make them look a little better.  But, for now, they're holding the girls' clothes.  (Which is what they're supposed to do.)

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