Sunday, July 20, 2014

FREE BEDS! Dalselv Ikea Bed Upgrade

In addition to getting wardrobes for the girls' 'new' room, I also wanted to get them beds.  Niall and I debated all sorts of things, including a bunk bed with a slide.  We decided we wanted matching twin beds.  If they could convert to bunks, all the better.  We didn't want to spend a lot, mostly because we didn't have a lot to spare.   (Alas, the bunk beds with a slide were nixed due to budget constraints.) 

I searched and searched for weeks but couldn't find a pair of fixer-upper beds.  Finally I placed a wanted ad on gumtree.

It took another few weeks (wherein I continued to look, offer, etc.) and then...Bingo!  A lady texted to let me know she had a pair of Dalselv beds from Ikea.  They are discontinued, but look like this.

They weren't exactly what I wanted (no footboard), but I figured that they would work.  After I told the lady we'd take the, she mentioned they were missing a few pieces so she'd let us have them for free.  If it's free, it's me!  Niall drove out one Friday evening and picked up the beds.  (She also kindly gave us a little pink lamp.)

The beds were mostly unfinished pine.  The previous owner had started painting one bed and stopped mid-way through.  I wanted them (all) white.  Saturday morning we cracked through painting the beds.  First I sanded, then two coats of primer (with light sand in between.)  Then two coats of white gloss (it's what we had in the garage, so again...if it's free, it's me.)  The girls were excited to help, so they lent a hand.

Since there were parts missing, we took a trip to Ikea and the Customer Service desk kindly got us the pieces that (pretty much) match.  Because the bed was discontinued we had to get creative, but made it work.

That night, the girls had their new beds.  Our two year old was still in a cot.  But once she had her big girl bed, she didn't want to sleep in her crib anymore.  That night (and every night since) she slept in her Dalselv bed.

I thought I'd need to make a fabric infill for the headboard, but liked how the painted version turned out.

It's kind of adorable having these two in matching bed.  (Note all the safety pillows surrounding the bed.  We do have an occasional roll out of bed, but the Dalselv is low enough to the ground that it's not too far of a drop.)

Total cost for project:  £0

(We already had the paint.  And I'm not counting the cost of the gas to get the beds and parts from Ikea.)  Thanks Gumtree for the free Stuff Wanted ad and to the kind woman who responded and passed on the beds!

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