Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Princess Throne

The extension is almost finished.  But a slight tangent.  Our youngest just turned four.  And for her birthday she asked for a throne.  In my mind, I thought something like this:

When I searched for what we could afford, I found a Disney plastic throne.  Which she would have loved.  But I just couldn't deal with it.  We have so much plastic already.

I hunted high and low for a chair that we could use to make some sort of throne-ish seat.  The specific requests from the kid were that is needed to be white, gold and have a cushion.  I looked all over gumtree, ebay, charity shops, second hand shops, normal stores, and came up empty handed.  Getting one chair, preferably a carver (with arms), for less than £30 was no easy task.  Niall went on the hunt with me and we finally found one!  Someone was sitting in it...but they let us buy out from under them.

With chair in hand, I bought an arsenal of gold leaf.  I primed the chair, and painted it all white.  I watched lots of youtube videos on how to gold leaf.  I'd heard it was better to paint the area to be gilded with gold paint, and I'm really glad I did.  The gold leaf was fun, but a complete mess.  Then used modge podge on top.  The result has been rather amateurish, but Elizabeth gave it her thumbs up.  Also, we agreed on a blue cushion for the seat.  I sewed in piping and a zipper.

And here's finished product.  

Her Royal Highness.

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