Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When It Rains

As life happens, while the renovation was under way, a few minor issues popped up in the existing house.  They probably would have happened anyway, but there's nothing like building work to bring out the lurking problems!

Fallen Radiator

The radiator fell off the wall (again).  I drained and put it back once, and when it fell of a second time we called in a plumber to do it properly.

Dodgy Smoke Detectors

One morning (early) all the smoke detectors in the house started going off.  And they kept going.  I disconnected them.  I changed the batteries.  We had an electrician come look at them.  Supposedly it was fixed, but they kept all going off.  They're currently sitting disconnected (but with batteries), because when I plug them back in they keep going off.  This is one issue we don't yet have resolved, but have an electrician coming next week to run through the whole system.


Another morning (early), we heard a thump and then water started pouring through the ceiling.  The concealed cistern had come off the wall in the loft toilet and spilled to the floor below.  We turned off the electrics (water was pouring through a disconnected smoke alarm in the ceiling) and the water/stopcock.

We got a container to catch the water, the water eventually stopped and the damage was contained.  Thank goodness we were home!

I probably could have fixed it myself, but when it comes to plumbing we decided to get a professional in (at May Bank Holiday rates, natch.)  The cistern was reinstalled, supposedly more securely this time!  (Niall propped up the off cut of insulation as an added 'security' measure!)

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