Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Five Weeks

The groundworks finished five weeks ago. And the build has been on hold since then. The builders had other jobs, the weather has not been favorable, etc. etc. But it's not like we're without a kitchen or have a big hole in the side of our house, so things are not that bad. Our architect made this model:


And with five weeks to think about it, I decided to try and clean up some of the work site.  There were piles soil/spoils that were left behind from the ground works and landscaping.  There was the dirt I dug up and moved to the front of the garden from the stump removal.

I moved all of that soil to a big pile in the driveway, and then some missionaries came over and helped us move some more to lay pavers for the new swing location.

A grab hire lorry came and picked it all up (£200).  I took multiple muddy dump runs to get rid of rubble and rubbish left behind from the build.  And then, the garden still looked like a building site, but at least a bit more tidy.

And on Saturday, the first load of timber arrived!  It looks like the framing is moving forward.

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