Sunday, March 20, 2016

Side Extension: Plasterboard and Plastering

The extension got a nice boxing in this past week.

I've tried to take note of where the timbers and wiring are so we can drill things into the finished walls.  Under the window on the right is where the cap flat is, but in this photo it's boarded over temporarily.

Niall really wanted a pitched, open roof.  And it looks like he got his wish!

I realized, perhaps a bit late, that we're missing some connectivity in the extension.  The wi-fi doesn't reach, nor does the TV cabling.  We'll most likely use Apple TV, but just in case I wanted to have the option.  I ended up crawling under the house and running some more cabling, before everything got boxed.  It was, uh, interesting but dirty!

The kitchen has looked like this for the past week.

But the plastic keeps falling down!  Once the plasterboard was up, the plasterer came in and skimmed away.  He was fast and did the whole thing in two days.

And since the plasterer was on site, we got him to skim the front room.  One of the walls has blown plaster, and we while it looked okay at first glance, it wasn't going to last.  So we covered the floor and bookcase in plastic and started pulling it off.  The girls thought it was a game!

There was some plaster that was stuck to the wall, but most of it pulled off.

And now we have a freshly plastered wall!  The girls were eager to touch it, and it's slowly drying and waiting for paint.

The plastic in the kitchen came down today, and I finally faced the task of cleaning up the debris from knocking through.  They used water when they were hacking through the wall, so there were splattering of black dust that dripped down the wall.

And...painting in the extension has started!  The builders wanted me to paint behind the radiators before Monday.  So I painted there.  The plaster isn't quite dry throughout, so we tried to paint where it was.

Also this week...we got a roof!  But forgot to take pictures.  Next week the second fix of electrics and plumbing.  Hopefully I'll finish off the painting, and we'll get a floor!

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Sylvia Bunker said...

Your girls are so big. They are darling. So many fun changes to the house.