Sunday, March 6, 2016

Side Extension: Timber Frame

On Monday, the joiners were on site and things have moved pretty fast.  Within a few hours the wall frames were constructed.

We're going to have a window in the front.  And french doors in the back.

The next day the roofs started.  And a lot of conversation ensued.  

I got lost in all the technicalities, but here's the summary:

-We were going to use cement tiles for the roof, but our local roofer cautioned against them (weather and winds) so we switched to a slate tile.
-Roof pitch had to be slightly adjusted (from 19 degrees to 22 degrees or so) because of the change
-We were going to have a warm roof design (I think) but the builders and roofer made a compelling argument to switch to the cold roof design.  (Apparently better for the slate and Scottish weather.)  

The joiners kept at it all week, adding the rest of the timber for the roof and prepping the timber frame for the wall of blocks Building Control is requiring for fire control.  Here's a picture from the back.

And a photo of the extension from the rear/side.  The extension juts out about a meter from the original house.  We're putting in a window on this aspect to introduce more light.

Towards the end of the week the guys were prepping the roof for the slates.

And putting in the two new roof lights.  Niall keeps talking about how we'll be able to sit in the extension and look at the stars.

Apparently the extension is moving full steam ahead and the brick work, windows, roof and knocking through the wall between the kitchen and the extension are scheduled for next week.

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Sylvia Bunker said...

I love seeing updates on your house progress. I only wish it was closer so I could see your darling face.