Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back Bedroom

This is the closest I have to a before picture of the back bedroom.  I just started tearing down wallpaper.

I read somewhere that painting over wallpaper (rather than removing it) is bad karma.  During the days it took to strip the wallpaper I tended to agree.

I started taking off the paper on the ceiling, but stopped.

The ceiling had to come out for the loft conversion so why waste my time?  As part of the loft conversion the ceiling was lowered about six inches.  The built-in wardrobe was removed.

The ceiling came down, and a slightly lower, reinforced, insulated one was put in its place.

The plaster on the outside wall was hacked off (that was a miscommunication, I intended to have the front wall plaster hacked off because of the damp!) and the window was packed out with insulation.  Then the wall was covered in plasterboard.

The room was rewired and skimmed with plaster.  We sanded and finished the floors and repainted.  We chose green because we liked how it looked with the light in the room.  (It has a western exposure.)

I did my best to fix up the airing cupboard.

When the baby is bigger I think we'll turn this into her big girl room.  But for now it's the guest room.

We found original tiles to the hearth under the laminate.

I started cleaning them when I realized they just may match the tiles for the front door.  The plan is to get a tiler in to try to use the hearth tiles for the front door and then use other tiles for the hearth.  Here's what the front door tiles look like now.

So folks, if you come to visit us, this is the room that awaits.  Original tiles, airing cupboard and all (at least for now.)

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