Saturday, May 14, 2011

Front Bedroom


The front bedroom has a big bay window that I really like.  When we bought the house, the bedroom had built in wardrobes with louvre doors, laminate floors and painted wallpaper.

And a ton of damp.  So much that the wallpaper was coming off in one corner.  So much damp that the walls were falling in.  (The roof needed to be replaced and was letting in rain.)

The fireplace had been covered over.  Maybe someday we'll restore the fireplace.  (The chimney is faulty and isn't safe to use currently.)  Before the big work started, I stripped the wallpaper off the walls.

Then the builders came in and knocked down the ceiling as part of the loft conversion.  (The ceiling upstairs had two elevations and had to be knocked in so it would be level.)  Out came the wardrobes (we sold them on ebay) and a whole bunch of other things!

The ceiling was rebuilt (to make for a strong floor for the loft conversion.)

The bay and the ceiling were packed with insulation. 

The room was rewired.  (See the new wiring running down the left side?  This is the view looking out onto the hallway.)

The walls were skimmed.  We removed the laminate (and found original hearth tiles underneath), sanded the floors, repaired the baseboards/skirting and got the walls painted.   

It looked much better.  We moved in and used a clothes rail for the first few months, then had built-in wardrobes put in.  I had my mom bring metal vents from the US.  The fireplace needs to be vented and I couldn't find any reasonably priced metal vents that I liked in the UK.  Can you see some of the tiles?

Here's what the room looks like now (wardrobes and all.)

Window treatments haven't made it on the priority list yet.  We currently use netting that we somehow had.  It makes it so I can be a proper curtain-twitcher (because don't you have to have net curtains to twitch properly?)  I still like the bay.  I also love our bed.  It doesn't look great, but that's just my photography.

The bed just may be the most expensive piece of furniture we own.  And worth every penny.  It's so comfortable.

The tallboy (under the mirror) is the first piece of furniture Niall and I purchased.  We named it Jeep.  If we ever put the fireplace back in we'll have to find a new place for Jeep.  I think it's safe for now.

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