Friday, May 13, 2011

Door Molding (Architrave)-Paneled Look on Flat Door

For ages we've had our clothes on a hanging rail and on wooden shelves (that's what the picture above is.)  It wasn't ideal and we recently got built-in wardrobes!  I wanted to use as much of the space as we could, so we had a carpenter build floor to ceiling cupboards.  The doors are about 10 feet high and are actually two flat doors connected (a full door and part of another one).  I really love the doors that came with our house (I think I've mentioned that before) so we wanted to add some molding to the wardrobe doors.

I kept having the carpenter do extra things (like add drawers and shelves) which meant I had to add the molding/architrave myself. 

Here's the inside of one of the wardrobes, just in case you wondered.

Doing the molding myself made me nervous, but luckily Ron Hazelton had a helpful step-by-step.

I primed the doors. 

Then taped the design.  Niall gave his approval.  Then I painted the wardrobes white.

The miter cut was tricky for me.  I ended up using a handsaw, pencil and plastic triangle/set square and doing a lot of practice cuts.  I used an excel spreadsheet to plan how to cut the molding and minimize waste.

I used No Nails as an adhesive and really thin nails (is it ironic that I used nails anyway?) to fasten the molding to the doors.  I'll just mention, once again, that I'm not a great photographer.

Then painted the molding white to match the rest of the door.

Here's the finished product.

The wooden shelves that held our clothes have a new home in the garage, holding the paint.

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