Sunday, May 15, 2011

Radiator Remodel

The kitchen came with a high breakfast bar with a long radiator underneath.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't very deep and the bar was so long it wasn't comfortable.  A bigger problem is we didn't have a place for a refrigerator (the previous owner had a small under counter fridge).  The logical thing was to remove the breakfast bar and horizontal radiator, and install a vertical radiator.  Our plan was to have a professional do the job. 

I applied for Niall and I to be on a new TV program, "If It's Broke...Fix It!" The producers said they'd like us to do a program and they'd teach us to do the work ourselves. We went to a day long "boot camp" where a plumber taught us to make the changes.  There are parts of the program (viewable in teh UK only) here and here. We then had 36 hours to do the work while a cameraman filmed our efforts.

We removed the radiator and bar and installed the long radiator.

We then froze the existing pipes and then installed the new ones.  Six months into it and radiator is working fine.  And plenty of room for a fridge!

The radiator that was under the breakfast bar we moved to another part of the kitchen.  There was a smaller radiator there; I'm up for a warmer house!

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