Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry (Larder) and Refrigerator Enclosure

The kitchen in the house came with a lot of cupboards, but without a proper pantry.  We looked at buying a pull-out larder, but they were too expensive.  I found a used one on ebay but even that was too much money.  Too bad the metal components for a larder/pantry were very pricey.  And I wanted a big "American" style fridge, preferably with an enclosure so it wasn't sitting by itself.  Ron Hazleton's video and step-by-step link on building a Slide-out Pantry seemed to have the answer.

I made plans based on the Ron Hazleton video and had MDF boards cut at the lumber yard.

A handyman helped me put it together.  (He actually did most the work.  We had to modify a few of my plans because, as he put it, "just because it's on TV doesn't mean it works.")  I'd hope to have one fixed shelf on the bottom and one in the middle, with the rest being adjustable.  We ended up having a fixed shelf on the bottom and two fixed shelves higher up in order to keep the pantry casings sturdy.

Originally I had planned to use drawer runners for the pantry cases to pull out, but was concerned about how much weight the runners could bear.  We opted for casters.

I had planned to install doors on the front, but when put in the pantry casings we discovered that, surprise, surprise, the floor was definitely not square.  Because the casters rest on the floor the pantry inserts weren't straight and doors wouldn't be flush.  So we decided to leave the pantry as it was, adding some molding to the top.

We primed the MDF with acrylic primer and then painted with a eco-friendly eggshell white.

Then added some handles.

Now we have the pantry/larder storage and the big American style refrigerator with an enclosure.  It's a great solution for us for now.  It ended up costing more than I'd hoped (around 250 pounds), mostly because of the cost of the handyman's help. 

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