Monday, March 4, 2013

Good News, Rotten News

We have gone to missives on the fixer-upper, but don't own it out right yet.  However, the vendors were kind enough to allow our joiners to come in and rip back some of the rot and let the timbers air out.  Good news!  The rot is not as bad as we anticipated, and there are steel beams in the ceiling.  (Originally we thought it was only timber, and there was a concern about the integrity of the structure.)

Some of the floor covering has been pulled back and the floorboards underneath look to be in good condition.  Also positive news as we're planning to sand these and leave them as the finish.

The rotten news is that the fridge has been turned off for over a year.  And it is full of disgusting, rotting food.  We wanted to just duct tape the fridge and throw it in the dumpster (skip), but apparently that's illegal.  The Council will come collect the fridge, but it has to be cleaned out.

So, I did the dirty work.  Gloves, mask, lots of bin bags and 30 minutes later...

Empty!  I am not saying it smells delicious or anything, but at least the food is gone.  (I loaded up the trunk of the car, went to the dump, and then came home and showered and washed the covering from the car.)

The vendor has cleared everything from the house that they plan to.  There is a lot of garbage that needs to be cleared, and we'll do that once we take ownership.  But among the rubbish, there are also some interesting pieces that speak a bit of history.  

It is nice that the vendor and estate agent have allowed us so much access to the house. It has helped us get things organized for when we are the owners and start the work, and hopefully will save us money in the long run.

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The Wigginton Family said...

bless you for cleaning that fridge. Illegal or not, I may have just dumped it in the dumpster!!!