Tuesday, March 26, 2013

House Blitz Day 1

I'm a sucker for a good deal.  There's a line of paint that we can get for half price, but we had to order it by today.  We are weeks away from painting, but I got some tester pots and put them up on the walls throughout the house last night.  Niall has been busy with work.  He has seen the paint pots, but not the product on the walls.  I hope he doesn't hate the colors I chose.  (Mostly the two blue ones in the bottom left hand corner.)

This week is when the house is getting blitzed.  Joiners, electricians, plumbers, windows...

Six electricians showed up and have really gone to town on the house.  The entire place has to be rewired and they're planning to do the first fix in two days.  Since things are getting done so quickly we had to have things planned in advance (like the kitchen design but also down to where we're going to put furniture and lamps.)  It makes me kind of nervous, but I keep telling myself that if we would have bought a house that didn't need work all of this stuff would have been decided already, and we wouldn't be able to change it anyway.

The joiners repaired the hole where the chimney was.

And the new wall for the back bedroom has been built.

The dry rot has been treated and the infected plaster removed.

And we don't have an open plan bathroom any longer.

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