Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steels and the Beginning of the Kitchen Diner

Holy cow.  Getting rid of garbage is expensive.  It has kind of made me obsessed with rubbish.  So far we've spent about 600 GBP on dumpsters/skips and rubbish removal.  Our little car has made over ten trips to the dump, loaded with as much as I could cram in.  It's messy and hard work, but there isn't an extra charge to take it to the dump in the car.

The chimney breast in the front bedroom has been hacked back.  We wanted to have it as a feature and are really happy at how nice the brick looks!

The big structural work is pretty much done!  We got our building warrant, and the chimney breast and wall downstairs have been knocked out.  The hole the chimney left behind extends from the foundations up to the roof.  Good times.  You'll forgive me all the photos; I'm concerned that something may happen to the photos on Niall's phone of the steels.  We need to document them for Building Control and I want to make sure we can access them easily.

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