Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strip Out

The house is almost cleared. The kitchen has been taken back to the walls.

The back room (where we're going to knock through to make the kitchen ) has wallpaper that has been agonizing to remove.  Not that I've been doing it.  Gregory (one of the workmen) has been at it for a day and a half.  Thanks goodness the paper in the rest of the house came off with less effort.

Hopefully we won't have any more flooding.  The pipes and bathroom have been stripped out.  

The fallout from yesterday's flooding is a part of the ceiling was ruined and needs to be replaced.  It could have been much worse.

The back garden is almost cleared.  (We're keeping some of the trees and vegetation to see what grows.)  It looks so much bigger.  We even cleared out the bomb shelter (did I mention there's a bomb shelter in the back yard?)

Before we bough the house, the back window fell out.  I was paranoid about squatters, so got permission from the previous owner to put up plywood.  It makes the back room quite dark.  Now that the trees are down there is more light.  I'm looking forward to how it will look when the windows go in.  (Hopefully next week.)

The roof is getting repaired.  The flat roof above the bay has been the cause of the dry rot because it was leaking...but no more!  The gutters are getting replaced this week as well.

Holy cow.  Dumpsters/skips are expensive.  Like 200 pounds a pop.  So we're giving rubbish uplift a try.  Our driveway is pretty full of stuff from the house.  A guy with a truck is supposed to come pick it up tomorrow morning.  And then we're getting a dumpster/skip for the rubble from removing a chimney breast and a wall.  Using the truck instead a skip may save us money or may be a huge headache.  I think tomorrow will tell.

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