Wednesday, March 27, 2013

House Blitz Day 2 and 3

You know how there are good days and bad days?  Well, with this renovation there have been a lot of good days, so I guess it was time for a few rough days.

Things aren't bad, it's just that there are some rising costs that are causing me anxiety.  The plumber and joiner are costing more than anticipated, partly due to miscommunication, partly due to the flooding (fixing the ceiling) and partly due to me wanting more things (built-in storage and underfloor insulation.)

Some things haven't turned out as well as I'd hoped.  Like the window in the kitchen.  We wanted to get it bricked partially up so there would be room to put in the kitchen and sink along the wall.  But it looks so small with the extra wall height.  We're hopeful that it will look better with the new windows and the kitchen installed.

Today the new windows started going in.  But before that happened, the old windows had to go out.

I loved the wooden sash windows that were in the house.  If we had a 20K budget for windows, we would have replaced like for like.  Instead, we opted for the (cheaper) UPVC (plastic) option.  I hope the new windows are warm!  (The new windows are in the upstairs, the old ones on the ground floor.)

The joiners took one of the extra doors (like maybe the one from the old kitchen?) and cut it in half to make new doors for the future coat closet.  I love how it looks!

And the new bedroom wall is insulated.  (The door opening is not extremely narrow, it's just temporarily partialy covered by a full piece of plasterboard.) 

Here's to some more good days, coming to grips with the *updated* budget and reigning in any more unexpected expenses.

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