Saturday, April 13, 2013

Four Weeks

Yesterday marked the fourth week of owning the house.  After some scrambling and nagging, we got the vent for the chimney hood installed.  But, uh, now I'm not sure how to make it look better.

We've deliberated on what to do with the kitchen cabinets.  After humming and hawing we decided to paint them, so I got the supplies.  Then Niall saw how the granite looks and changed his mind.  He asked that we not paint them yet and try and refinish them.  Yesterday and today I sanded off the varnish.  It is a dusty, dusty job.  (I tried to take pictures of the sanded cabinets, but it was so dusty the camera wouldn't work!  Instead, here I am in the lift, headed home to take a shower.  So glad we're not living in the house yet!)

Yesterday marked the last day the joiners were on site.  They finished their part of the loft.  We need to get it skimmed and painted.  And then I have to figure out some way to finish the beams.  And we're not sure what we're doing for flooring.

The roofers came and removed the old window.  They put in a new Velux.  I was buys sanding and didn't find out how they supported the new windows.  (Two of the vertical supports have been removed.)

The pile of trash has grown again.  Today we took seven trips to the dump to get the pile manageable again.  It's dirty, difficult work loading the car and then unloading it again.  But I kept telling myself it saves us 140 pounds.  (That's how much the guy charges to remove a 14-yard truck of rubbish.)

Next week the painting starts.  We got the rest of the cans today (these are the ones that are in the Next colors.)

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Ally said...

Spencer says the sawdust gives you a nice golden glow. I think you look beautiful.