Thursday, April 18, 2013

Too Much Blue

I did not think I'd hear Niall say it, but he did.  There is too much blue in the house.  I like the front room blue.  The plan was to have it in the hallway as well, but Niall thinks it will be too much.  So we've spent some time trying to find a yellow that may work instead.

There is a big patch of paint and plaster that fell off the wall.  The decorators told me 'it happens', but I don't know if we should be concerned.  The plaster is going to fix it soon I'm told.

Oh, the used kitchen.  It's the gift that keeps giving.  Since we're trying to go with the natural wood (and not paint the cupboards), we want to use the handle holes that are already there.

The rod handles are pretty beat up-corroded and dirty.  I was going to buy new ones, but since the kitchen is bespoke, the handles are all sorts of crazy sizes.  And I can't find replacements.  So, we're currently making our way through the bars.  It involves oven cleaner, steel wool, Brasso and a lot of elbow grease.  Refurbishing cabinet furniture...that's what passes for night life these days.  (Can you see the four bars that have been cleaned and the contrast of the one that hasn't in the photo below?)

I told the decorators they would be the only ones at the house this week.  But I lied (not on purpose.)  The electricians, plumbers and joiner have been in work on various things.  And today the roofers have been working on putting in 10+ roof vents.  (Required by Building Control since we converted the roof.  £1,000.)

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Jo said...

this is amazing. everything is looking beautiful, including you.