Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let the Painting Begin

The painting has started.  There is a lot of blue.  The camera doesn't capture the color very well, but I really like the mis-tint blue.  (This is the back bedroom.)

The smaller front room is a brighter blue, called 'Spa Retreat'.  (Color matched to the Next color.)

I sanded the frames for the cabinets.  Instead of the amber yellow from the aged varnish, they're now back to the light natural wood.  I bought a seal that hopefully won't amber the wood too quickly.  And we're still trying to figure out what to do with the extractor fan to cover the ducting.

So, do you see the pendant light?  And how just next to it on the ceiling there is a wet bit on the ceiling?  That's where the bath is leaking, as we found out today.  Hopefully the plumber has fixed it.

Our bedroom has been painted.  Oh, you can't tell?  Well, neither could I.  Given that the name of the paint is 'Baked Clay' I shouldn't be surprised it kind of looks like the plaster.  Niall keeps telling me that it's easy to change paint, so when we don't like the colors it's not a big deal.  Wise words to calm first world problems.

The interior wooden surrounds are in almost all the windows.  I was particularly pleased with the bay.

And we're in the process of trying to strip the letterbox from the front door (boiled it, then scrubbed with vinegar and salt.)  We were one set short of door knobs, so I bought a sort-of-similar set from The Paint Stripper and we're working on getting them cleaned up as well.

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Fantastic, guys.