Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've had Pulps "Mis-Shapes" on my mind for the past few days.  But with the words "Mis-Tints, Mis-Tints, Mis-Tints".  We previously chose paint colors for half the house (based on Next color palette), but still needed to get paint for the other half.  I went to Johnstone's to get paint and found out they had mis-tints (paint that had been mixed in the wrong color.)  The tins were in the back room, and an employee had to open each one for me.  They'd only let me look at so much, but I did manage to find 25-litres of a color that Niall and I both like.  Normally the cans run about £35 each.  We got all five for £33.  Niall calls the color Mis-Tint Blue.  (In some lights in looks white, purple, blue and grey.)

The verdict is still out on whether it was a good idea to get a used kitchen.  We found a guy to cut the granite.  But the pieces weren't square (some had a weird angle), which meant the granite didn't go as far we thought it would.  The granite guy said the granite is scratched, but I think it looks lovely!

One thing we were missing was a long, thin piece of granite for the tap behind the sink.  The granite guy managed to source a piece for us.  He said it doesn't match 'exactly', but it has fooled me!  Either I have no clue about granite (true) or the granite guy has a very discerning eye (also true.)

Ha.  Do you like the 'lock' for the back door?

The front room build-ins?  Almost done.

And guess what?  The sink and toilet are in the the bathroom...

And in the under-stairs WC!

The electricians were back in today and most of the second fix is done.  Like a light in the vestibule.

And a light outside.

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