Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The finishes are starting to go in. Overall things look good, but I am disappointed with the grout for the floor tiles. The company we bought them suggested their 'limestone' grout to match the pseudo-grout in the tiles. But, limestone is too light. Niall said to give it some time and the grout will get grimy and look grey.  (A light grey is what I was hoping for.)

The quick-set grout in the bathroom came off and the joiners are building the frame for the bath panel.  (It may be a bad idea, but we're putting in a mirror.)

From a distance the light grout isn't that noticeable.  (Oh, and the fact that the tiles need to be cleaned.)

I wanted to put the mosaic tiles in the fireplace hearths, but the tiler said it would not look good.  Instead, our joiner (who is a shopfitter) got us huge tiles leftover from New Look or Top Shop, or something like that.  The photo's not great, but the hearths are tiled.

Our window installers (Durashield) have started putting in the hardwood surrounds.  (The wood is mahogny, I think we're just going to put a clear protective coat on it.)

And the loft conversion is underway.  The joists have been reinforced, the floor insulation is in and almost all of the flooring is down.

Niall and I have disagreed about the cooker hood (fan for above the stove.)  When the used kitchen arrived, a grimy old extractor fan chimney hood was included.  I wanted to buy a new one, but Niall insisted on the old one.  The electricians confirmed it still works, I spent three hours yesterday cleaning it and making repairs.  And then some time on the phone today with the manufacturer (they confirmed it is really old, but were able to send me an installation manual.)  I'm still trying to find fixings to attach it.   Niall won, but at my expense!  It has cleaned up okay.  I hope it gets installed and ducted this week.

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