Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brown Sugar and Honey Pecan Bars

Did you know that not far from my old flat there was a store called Hot Nuts? Come on! How can I not shop there? I'm not really a nut fan, but that store has barrels and barrels of all kinds of nuts and even I got a little carried away. I bought a bunch of pecans because my mom has bags of them and I was pretty sure I would use them. But I didn't.

One cooking blog that I follow is Cookie Madness. When Pecan Squares got referenced last week, I realized my chance to use the pecans from Hot Nuts was here. I tried to follow Anna's recipe exactly (she has never led me astray before), except I used milk instead of whip cream because milk was the closest thing we had. The bars are good, but really rich. I think they're better served in bite size portions.

I had to weigh the butter because I had no idea how much six tablespoons is. Turns out it's just under 84 grams of butter, at least according to the internet. (So how could that be wrong?) Here's the crust in the blender

And here's what happened when I pushed the crust into the pan. (Notice I said tried to follow the recipe. We don't have a square pan, so a round one had to do. I was a little skeptical of the greased tinfoil, but it worked a treat.)

Melted the butter, then added the brown sugar and honey. (The honey we have has walnuts mixed in it, so that's why there are nuts in the liquid mixture.) Simmered for a minute.

I smashed the pecans in a Ziploc bag (okay, it's a Baco brand bag) with a rolling pin, put them in the oven for a few minutes, then added to the sugar.

Poured the candy mixture into the crust
Before baking

Right out of the oven

Once the dessert cooled, it was so easy to remove from the pan and take off the tinfoil. You just need a big knife to cut up the squares/wedges.

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