Saturday, December 19, 2009

Raspberry Almond Shortcake Thumbprints

Sigh. I don't love shortbread, but I love raspberry, I love almond extract and I love Scotland so I had to give these goodies a try. I tried to follow the recipe on Land O'Lakes to make these, but I must have done something wrong.

The shortbread recipe was too dry, so I added a little milk. The cookies didn't turn out as pretty as expected, but they were still delicious. And they smell so good when they're cooking.

First, I mixed the butter, sugar and almond together. Then I added the flour.

The batter seemed really dry, but I refrigerated it for an hour and then tried to roll out the cookies. But I the batter really was too dry! I don't know what went wrong. I added some milk and managed to get little balls.

I used a 1/4 teaspoon to make the indentation, then added raspberry preserves.

Baked for about 15 minutes, and let cool.

We already had some frosting in the freezer, so I added some almond extract to it and used it to frost the cookies.


AM said...

I don't like shortbread either - but I do love Scotland and raspberry - so I must love these cookies, right? But what if I also don't like almond extract? Is it faint? These just look so good . . . Stacey's here and she keeps getting me to try the Walker shortbread she bought but I'll have none of it. I sound drunk, huh?

niall and mitch said...

Sorry Walker's Shortbread, but you're one I am happy to pass by. But more for Stacey! If you don't like almond extract then these probably aren't for you.