Sunday, September 5, 2010

Momofuku Roasted Sweet Summer Corn

Brigham suggested this recipe as one of the easy-win vegetarian options from the cookbook, and he was right.  It took us a while to find shiro (white) miso paste, but now that we have it I'm pleased.  To make the shiro butter it's one part shiro paste to one part butter.  Easy!  And the corn at the the green grocer was beautiful.  Cut it off the cob, fried in a hot skillet with a little oil.  Then stirred in the butter, Roasted Onions, some Ramen Broth...added salt and pepper and some scallions and dinner's on! 

To keep it vegetarian friendly we skipped the bacon (I can only imagine how tasty this would have been with bacon.)  I added a few dashes of liquid smoke and topped with smoked tofu

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