Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

Our friend was in town and it's almost his birthday.  For his birthday cake, he said he didn't care which type of cake as long as it had a Red Dwarf theme.   Here's the cake.  (Have I mentioned my decorating skills are not the greatest?)

We decided we should make a red velvet cake.  I used the very thorough Red Velvet Cake recipe comparison from The Bake More blog.  Based on the results, I used the Cake Man Raven recipe.   It was pretty straightforward and except for not having buttermilk and forgoing the nuts, I followed the recipe pretty closely.  I would use it again.  Except I think I added double the baking soda.  Which I do not recommend!  The recipe is here.


AM said...

Hey! The Cake Raven man made me a red velvet cake! He did and then he threw a tantrum later on. I loved my old job and the Red Velvet Cake was A-Mazing. Also - who was the birthday boy? Jer?

Mitch said...

It was Bob. I can't believe Cake Man Raven made you a cake and also threw you a tantrum. That's service.