Monday, January 18, 2010

30 Ingredients

So I went to Paris for 21 hours to see this girl. You know, the girl who asked me to start taking pictures of food and writing down the recipes?

She asked for a list of the basic ingredients we keep in the kitchen on a regular basis.
I made a list of 30. These are items I assume we always have on hand.*

They get used repeatedly in a lot of the cooking that goes on at our house.

1. Onions (typically white)
2. Garlic
3. Flour
4. Granulated Sugar (I forgot to add it to the photo)
5. Brown Sugar
6. Powdered (aka Icing) Sugar
7. Butter (it HAS to be real butter, usually unsalted)
8. Chocolate Chips
9. Green Pesto
10. Red Pesto
11. Tomato Paste
12. Curry Paste
13. Table Salt
14. Rock Salt
15. Pepper
16. Basil (fresh or dried)
17. Nutmeg
18. Cinnamon
19. Baking Soda
20. Baking Powder
21. Dried Chilies
22. Bay Leaves
23. Vegetable Stock Cubes
24. Eggs
25. Milk
26. Vegetable Oil
27. Canned Tomatoes
28. Vanilla Extract (it has to be good vanilla extract)
29. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
30. Cornstarch (aka Cornflour)

* I really do think we always have these ingredients. If we are getting close to running out I have to buy more. If we don't have them then I freak out. Case in point? I went to use some tomato paste today and there wasn't any. I immediately blamed Niall (he claims unfairly) and it took me about 30 minutes and a trip to the store to get over it.

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